I am a professional marketer, an actor, a singer and mildly obsessed with balsamic vinegar. I’m a boxer and a cyclist. I like carnivorous plants and read two books at least once a year – Slaughterhouse Five and Hamlet. I wanted to be an elephant zookeeper when I was little. I prefer my coffee black and my tacos spicy. I don’t like soup. I’m a people pleaser but not a pushover and can make friends with almost anyone. I was a varsity slalom racer and a competitive dressage rider and I can find the perfect gif for just about any situation. I own a rapier and am an experienced fight choreographer. I’m 5’3” on a good day. I really really really like Star Wars, I see yoga as a competition. I’m a Blackhawks fan and can belt to C5. One time I spent two days with Roy Hibbert for work and he literally said “she’s awesome” out loud to a group of people. I once spent a day at Disneyland by myself and let me tell you that is the only way to do it. I think I’m hilarious and my friends think I’m ridiculous. I don’t mind – there’s power in looking silly.


I’m on a journey with this crazy program called Remote Year – I’m one of 75 people spending 12 months in 12 cities across the globe. Follow along as I navigate the ups, towns, trials and tribulations of globetrotting for a year of my life.