Actual Thoughts I Had While at O’Hare International Airport

May 30, 2016.Angela.1 Like.0 Comments
  • Oh god it’s happening, oh god oh god oh god.
  • Wait, isn’t it still like, February? How is it May 29th. HOW.
  • I never thought May 29th would be a day that actually arrived, I always thought it would be some sort of mythical date that the universe would collectively decide to skip over allowing me to never actually have to process my emotions about this whole thing.
  • I need an adult

  • Just gotta check my bags and I’ll be in the clear.
  • Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.
  • These self-service kiosks are amazing because lord knows I CANNOT deal with an actual human being right now.
  • YES my checked bag clocked in at 49 pounds SUCK IT, AMERICAN AIRLINES
  • I probably overpacked.
  • I overpacked.
  • I may have severely overpacked.
  • Ok so the security line is suuuuuper short I’m glad I got to the airport THREE HOURS EARLY.
  • I am doing totally fine right now.
  • Don’t cry in public, don’t cry in public, don’t cry in public.
  • Good thing I didn’t put mascara on this morning because otherwise I would look like a CRAZY PERSON RIGHT NOW HAHAHA.
  • Where’s my mom?
  • UGH.
  • Oh hey, I could totally go to the duty-free store. This is exciting – I’ve never done that before.
  • Would my roommates like me more if I brought them a handle of American whiskey?
  • 80 bucks!? K bai.
  • Who needs American whiskey anyway? I will become more ~*cultured*~ if I experience the whiskeys of other nations.
  • At least that’s what I’m gonna tell my roommates.
  • Ok, I’m totally ready for this! I’m prepared, I’m packed, I have my shit together for once in my life and the hardest part is over.
  • Why is there water coming out of my eyes again
  • It’s happening! The day is HERE!
  • It weirdly feels like I’m going away to summer camp?
  • This still doesn’t feel real.
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