A Love Letter to Prague

July 1, 2016.Angela.0 Likes.5 Comments

Dear Prague,


You caught me by surprise, you did.

I thought you were just a city.

The truth is, though, you’re so much more

than only simply “pretty.”


You’re the sky on fire, bubbles mid-air

you’re towers and spires and beer.

You’ve gifted me perspective and

I’m lucky to have been here.


Look up, reach up, lift up too

for the earth cannot contain

how magical your light beams are

how honest your refrain.


Your cobblestones led me straight towards

A whole new, different me.

I leave behind my heart, my fear

(and also 23).


I ask that you hold me in your heart

As I will hold you in mine.

And though for now we’ll be apart

I remain, dutifully, thine.

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  • Rose Higdon .July 1, 2016.Reply

    Impressed with your poetry…..loved it. Grandma Rose

    • (Author) Angela .July 7, 2016.Reply

      Thanks Grandma!

  • Meg .July 1, 2016.Reply

    I am a friend of your moms (who isn’t though 😊) and have watch you grow through the years. I am really excited for your journey this year and fully expect it will have a life long impact. Your poem to Prague is beautiful. Love the creativity of your pictures and journaling. Sure sounds like you are more “settled” as you move to your next adventure city. Happy belated birthday and don’t forget to celebrate the 4th of July.

    • (Author) Angela .July 7, 2016.Reply

      Thank you for all the kind words Meg!

  • Hal Higdon .July 2, 2016.Reply

    Work hard, Lady A!

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