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People get naturally curious when I tell people that I’m about to leave my life in Chicago to spend a year working remotely (understandably). In case YOU have any questions, I’ve created this here little cheat sheet with answers questions folks inquire about after hearing about my upcoming journey with Remote Year.


Q: Are you excited?

A: Oh my god of course I’m excited, are you kidding me?


Q: Can I come with you?

A: Ya know I was actually going to pack a separate suitcase to carry all my friends and family with me so if you can squeeze in there you’re welcome to come along it’ll be great and fine I’m sure the TSA won’t care.


Q: Speaking of suitcases, how do you pack for something like this?

A: HA. HAHA. HAAAAAA. (i have no idea)


Q: Are you excited to get going?

A: Absolutely! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, something I’ll talk about forever, a whole big life-defining thing. It’s like study abroad on crack! It’s jumping into the great unknown! It’s gonna be AMAZING!


Q: The program sounds incredible – where did you find it?

A: ~*the internet*~


Q: Where in the world will you be?

A: Peep my itinerary fam.


Q: But seriously, how stoked are you?

A: not scared


Q: Are you afraid of terrorist attacks while you’re abroad?

A: I refuse to let a giant, nebulous, ugly “what if” dictate my life so… no.


Q: Can I come visit?



Q: What if you don’t get along with the 74 other people you’re traveling with?

A: I think the bigger worry here is what if the 74 other people I’m traveling with don’t like ME. But hey, think about it – if you’re thrown into a situation with 74 other strangers you’re bound to find a few you don’t get along with. In all likelihood though at least a FEW your fellow travelers will share common interests. We all got thrown onto this crazy journey together – I’m sure there’s a hippy-dippy mumbo-jumbo “the universe” reason for it.


Q: Are you going to miss your friends and family?

A: Ugh I don’t want to talk about it.


Q: Are you SO excited I would be SO excited

A: Yes… I’m very excited. However, I’m also terrified. The whole premise of packing up my life and saying “peace dudes” to my loved ones, family and established life is scary. It’s not a monster-under-the-bed fear or an ever lingering anxiety about the dark (yes I’m still afraid of the dark), it’s a first-time-out-of-the-nest, jittery, electrified fear (and here’s a secret – that’s how you know it’s a good thing. It’s the flutters you feel before jumping out of a plane or on your first day of University – it’s the fear before you leap, the frantic nervousness that comes with venturing outside of your comfort zone. I’m about to do a big thing and my brain is like, hahaha Angela WHAT do you even know what you’re doing what even IS Europe ANYWAY?! It’s difficult to feel pure excitement when you’re still figuring out where you’re going to stash all your worldly possessions and trying to figure out how to say goodbye to your friends without Kim Kardashian ugly crying but once I get through those things the barriers are down, the hard part is over.

the fall


Do you have a question you’d like me to answer? Ask me in the comments below.

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  • Mama .May 13, 2016.Reply

    Miss you already! ❤️ But so proud!

  • Brenda .May 14, 2016.Reply


    Q: if I was going to come visit you with your mom (long shot, I know), which country would you pick for us/you?

    • (Author) Angela .May 31, 2016.Reply

      GOOD QUESTION! My vote for visitors would be Morocco or Argentina (for lots and lots of wine tastings!)

  • Hal Higdon .May 16, 2016.Reply

    Grandma Rose (yes, Rose as in Angela Rose) and I are excited that our granddaughter is spending a dozen months working in a dozen countries. We’ll be following her blog regularly, and I hope you will too. Not entirely coincidentally, my wife and I are headed to Florida today (Monday, May 16), and our daughter (Angela’s mom) plans to join us for a week as I recover from some sinus surgery at Mayo Clinic. And on this same day, Angela is off to Boulder, Colorado for meetings with people at TrainingPeaks, the organization that hosts my training plans. I hope to have Angela do some work for me as she traipses from country to country, but I’ll let her inform you about that, should she decide to do so. In the meantime, Bon Voyage to us all. The Internet and whatever happens in the cloud overhead has shrunk the world around us. We hope to take advantage of that fact.

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