When I was 18 my mother took me to a tattoo shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota to hold my hand while I got repeatedly stabbed by needles. At the time, with one semester of college under my belt and the whole world laid out fresh and new ahead of me, I found comfort and kinship in the lyrics of the Beatles. Many are surprised to learn that I hadn’t been much of a fan while I was growing up – but in a time of tumult and transition where I faced a new city, new friends, new responsibilities and ohmygodwhatamIdoingwithmylife their music grounded me. I found pieces of my future in their words, whispers of my disposition in their melodies. I wanted to be someone who was open and positive, someone who rolled with the punches and let life unfold without fear or trepidation. (I’m sure you see where I’m going with this…)

I have %22let it be%22

Many people think it’s the most overrated Beatles lyric, that it’s one of the whitest white girl tattoos you could get or that it’s cheesy/tacky/whatever.

Guess what… I don’t care! haHAAAA joke’s on you sucker! My loopy handwriting is still there behind my ear – I’ve checked (which is a feat that involves no fewer than two mirrors, a hair tie and excellent lighting) and I’m still absolutely 100% in love with what it reminds me to strive for every day.

If you follow me on instagram you know that I recently visited the Lennon Wall here in Prague and that I saw Sir Paul McCartney live in concert this week. Both of these experiences have had a profound impact on me. I walked the Lennon Wall at 6am with my friends and no one else beside me. I read messages to loved ones and hopes for peace. We listened to the Beatles and sang and danced. In an unexpected twist of fate I saw Paul McCartney on my own. I got to feel his rhythms in my bones and taste his lyrics and dance alongside strangers. Blissful experiences that I won’t soon forget.

What you probably don’t know is that I had kind of a rough week. I’ve been missing my family and friends a lot. It has been rainy and chilly here in Prague and that makes me miss Chicago. I’ve been spending more time on my own. I miss random kitchen gadgets and home cooked meals and puppies. I miss my bike and the lake and IPAs.

It feels selfish to miss home so soon after I’ve left, but I’m entitled to my bad days, goddamn it! Not everything is rainbows and sunshine and happiness! In those moments of uncertainty and wavering confidence I try to hum to myself…

there will be an answer

I found the Beatles when I was in a time of transition. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, in a new city, surrounded by new people, a new self and blah blah blah. If you’ve looked at the cover photo for this post you’ve probably put two and two together here. My first 2 and a half weeks in Prague have presented a strikingly similar situation. The world is shiny and new and an open book in front of me, there is room to grow and learn and become a better person. I miss my friends, but I’m pushing through the hard times is because on the other side is peace and kindness and beauty – things I’ll bring home with me and hope to carry forever.

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  • Rose Higdon .June 20, 2016.Reply

    We are missing you too. Take care. Love Grandma

  • john remington .June 20, 2016.Reply

    Having been to the Prague wall, it left me with the same inherent feelings. It prompted me to reminisce about my hippy dippy days (when i grew up with the Beatles) and to get my tattoo (Let It Unfold)…which basically means the same thing. Let things be, let them unfold and pretty much, all of the time, things will play out as they should…xxoo

    • (Author) Angela .July 7, 2016.Reply

      So happy to hear about our shared experiences. I think you’re still probably a bit hippy dippy at heart <3

  • Stephanie Coburn Button .June 20, 2016.Reply

    Hi Angela! I grew up in Long Beach near your mom, I’m enjoying your blog and seeing your travels! I wish you much happiness and fantastic discoveries on your journey!

    • (Author) Angela .July 7, 2016.Reply

      Thank you Stephanie!

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