Reasons my Dad is Better-Than-You

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You guys, London was weird.

We were all living in the same building, and oh yeah the building also happened to be our “work space” and OH YEAH we were an hour tube ride from central London.


London was also very “normal.” It was like, a bigger, 8 billion times more expensive version of Chicago. So it was like, ~culture~ but also like, ~not that different from home~.


Pete Sandall: educator, golfer, jokester and incredible human who GETS STUFF DONE came to visit me.


Pete Sandall is my dad and he’s better than you.


Month 3 of Remote Year has been scientifically proven* to be the month when homesickness sets in hardcore. You’ve gotten to know your community, you’ve started to get a knack for the travel thing, but (in my case) you haven’t seen your friends or family for a long long time. Enter super-hero-come-to-life Pete.



Kind-but-fierce-papa Pete arrived at Heathrow on the same plane as Captain Kirk so that’s fine. I surprised him at the airport thinking “aw that’ll be cute I’m so excited to see him” but professional-crafter-of-hilarity Pete’s first words to me were “why are you here?”


We cabbed back to his hotel so he could take a nap and recover from the sheer joy of sharing an aircraft with the one and only Priceline negotiator. WE WERE IN LONDON BABY AND WE WERE ALIVE.

After a nap and a shower we went on a pilgrimage to beer-obsessed-but-not-the-craft-kind Pete’s first pub. On the way to Britain’s most haunted pub (which was v. exciting for paranormal-activity-truther Pete) we passed the Albert Memorial (where I taught him what a Prince Albert was #awkward) and a few sculptures he didn’t understand. We walked through Hyde Park where king-of-political-humour Pete took a picture of a sign that said Welcome to ISIS (“that’s just plain FUNNY,” he insisted). We saw some swans. We enjoyed the sunshine, and then I took London-first-timer Pete to BRITAIN’S MOST HAUNTED PUB.

Force-sensitive Pete was enamored. The glasses tinkled, a cool breeze passed by. This pub was probably the best thing London had to offer. This enthusiasm is one of the many incredible qualities that make better-than-you Pete so much… well… better than you.

Kind-gift-giver Pete brought me a beautiful beach glass necklace and I only got a little teary about it.

Kind-gift-giver Pete brought me a beautiful beach glass necklace and I only got a little teary about it.



Day two was productive AF. We saw the Tower of London (TL;DR torture, ravens, the Bloody Tower), London Bridge (TL;DR tall), a cafe advertising that it was also a Pokestop (“your brothers will think this is hilarious” and TBH they probably did), St. Paul’s Cathedral (“do we have to go inside?” the answer to that is a firm no) the London Eye (“we are NOT waiting in that line”) and Big Ben from the cozy corner of a pub. If there’s one thing time-management-wizard Pete knows how to do, it’s how knock out a bunch of touristy things in one day. Champ status.

We did NOT take the sanctioned Beefeater tour with this man but we DID force him to take a picture with us

We did NOT take the sanctioned Beefeater tour with this man but we DID force him to take a picture with us

The woman who took this picture spoke no english and struggled to work an iPhone. Whoops.

Camera-shy Pete does not like pictures taken of him but I demanded we document the moment.


I spent the day working (which pragmatic-hardass Pete demanded I do even though when I told him he wasn’t my boss he replied “WHOSE NAME IS ON THE COMPANY THAT MAKES ME THE VICE PRESIDENT”) and ended the day with a Jack the Ripper tour. This tour was NOT as spoopy as our favorite haunted pub. 3/5 would not spoop again.



Independent-warrior Pete woke up way too early and walked around on his own because he can handle himself. We toured Buckingham Palace where a woman in line in front of us vomited and will-probably-vomit-when-he-reads-the-retelling-of-this-story Pete needed to remove himself from the situation. We ate ice cream and went to Covent Garden where the street performers were fascinating. Believer-in-magic-but-not-really-though Pete self-selected into House Slytherin because I made him. We went to a fancy dinner on a rooftop where we drank mojitos and listened to a jazz band. I taught social-media-newbie-but-eager-to-learn Pete how to change his profile and cover photos. We had a blast and at this point true-blue-American Pete was learning to love London Town.



On Friday we did the dad-approved activity of visiting Stonehenge. Actual-dad Pete approved. We threw a visit to Bath in the mix because we were feeling a little wild.

Rocks in the Rain

Rocks in the Rain



Sportball-lover Pete and I went to see a real life football match. We ordered kits (they’re NOT jerseys) from Amazon and went out to Tottenham to watch the Hotspurs play. This day was perfect except for the part where you weren’t allowed to bring beer into the stadium (UGH Tottenham let us LIVE OUR LIVES). World-award-winning-chugger-of-beers Pete and I downed beers during breaks. At this point new-world-traveller Pete’s love for London was in full swing and he decided to extend his visit from seven days to TEN. I’M THE LUCKIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD.



The first of my BONUS days with favorite-man-ever Pete. Upon the urging of my mother we went to Hever Castle to watch a JOUST because my mom is obsessed with long haired men in medieval garb**. We walked through the countryside and made friends with some sheep.

Jousting in England is just like Medieval Times only outdoors and you can't hear anything.

Not pictured: our new sheep friends.


I legit had to work today so I didn’t see explorer-of-the-new-world Pete until dinner, when I took him to London’s hippest neighborhood – Shoreditch. He complained about the Restaurant’s service the entire time.



I dragged I-like-history-but-only-if-it’s-bloody Pete along to the Churchill War Rooms where we promptly lost each other but had a great time??? I also forced him to have afternoon tea with the queen (aka me) because I wanted him to experience dignified London in all its hoity-toity glory. Because strong-and-awesome Pete had an early Wednesday morning flight, we parted ways after tea. I was sad to say farewell but so happy to have stolen 3 extra days with the best dad ever.


Final London Scorecard



  • Cool statues with funny wieners
  • Literally anything haunted
  • Pints on pints on pints
  • Facebook videos (“Angela how do I post my video today I can’t find it in this stupid app”)
  • Our new catchphrase “nailed it”


  • The Tube (Minnesota-hunter-fisher-man Pete got lost a couple of times but braved public transportation valiantly)
  • People (tourists and lines were EVERYWHERE)
  • Ladies puking (“I canNOT smell that”)



TL;DR 10/10, would visit London again. Love you dad.



*no such study exists
**she is not

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